What Are the Advantages of Hiring a Tilt Tray Truck?


Towing companies offer their clients a variety of options including tilt tray trucks. These trucks have movable flatbeds that can be extended to touch the ground so that a damaged vehicle can be loaded onto the flatbed. This article discusses some of the advantages of using a tilt tray truck to recover your vehicle after an accident.

They Provide Passenger Transport

The occupants of a damaged car are normally compelled to wait for another vehicle to take them to safety once a tow truck arrives to take their car from an accident scene or the place where the car malfunctioned. This long wait can be an inconvenience especially during bad weather.

The tilt tray truck normally has seating capacity for several people (for instance five) so the occupants of the damaged car can be spared a long wait in the rain or snow. They simply hop into the cabin of the tilt tray truck and ride along as their car is taken to an auto repair shop. This extra space for the passengers of the damaged car makes a tilt tray truck a better option for you if you ever need towing services.

Better Safety

Tilt tray trucks help to prevent the condition of your damaged car from deteriorating. This is because the car is carried to a repair shop instead of being dragged via two of its wheels. A car that requires towing is already in a delicate state so it is improper to drag it with its front wheels suspended since more damage can be caused to it.

The tilt-tray recovery truck also helps to reduce the safety risks that other road users are exposed to while the damaged car is transported. For instance, the tilt-tray recovery driver has an unobstructed view of the road so he or she is unlikely to cause an accident due to an impeded view of what is behind his or her tow truck.

Less Time-consuming

Some accidents result in cars being flung down ravines or into rivers. Ordinary tow truck would take a long time to be maneuvered into a position from which they can pull out the damaged car. However, tilt tray trucks simply adjust the position of the flatbed according to the situation on the ground and the damaged car will be quickly recovered.

Tilt tray trucks may cost a little more than conventional tow trucks but the added benefits you get more than justify that added expense.


15 May 2015

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