Is Your Car Safe to Drive Even to a Repair Shop?


Some minor issues with your car, while they shouldn't be overlooked or ignored indefinitely, don't make your car necessarily unsafe. You may be able to schedule certain repairs when it's convenient for you or drive your car to a repair shop without much worry, but this isn't always the case. Some repairs make your car downright unsafe to drive, even to a repair shop. Note when this is and why you should consider calling a towing service instead.


You never want to take risks with your car's brakes, but if you notice that they seem a bit soft, meaning they don't grip as quickly as they should but they're still operational, you might schedule to have the pads changed as soon as you can and just mind your speed when driving. However, if the brakes grind excessively when you apply the brake pedal or if you note that you need to push the pedal almost to the floor, you don't want to risk driving your car. Excessive grinding usually means the pads or rotors are so worn down that they cannot grip each other properly, and the brakes are in danger of failing. If you need to virtually stand on the pedal, your car is probably out of brake fluid and this too can cause the brakes to fail at anytime.


It's not unusual for a car to pull just a slight bit in one direction or another and especially when you apply the brakes; a simple tire alignment can often fix this problem. If your car slides and skids when you brake or pulls so hard that you struggle to control the wheel, this means your car is unsafe. One tire may be so worn down that it cannot grip the road and this can mean losing complete control of your car when you do brake, putting you at risk.

Oil leak

Fluid leaks should never be ignored, but an oil leak can be especially dangerous for your car. The car's engine needs oil for lubrication and cooling, and when oil pressure is low, the engine can simply seize up when driving. If you know how to add oil to the engine, you might check its level and then add a quart if needed, but you should then also get it to a repair shop immediately and have the leak checked and repaired. If you don't know how to check and add oil, it's probably safest if you don't drive the car at all.


26 July 2016

Towing Safely and Efficiently: Towing Tips for Beginners

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