Should You Call a Tow Truck or Keep Trying to Drive?


Not every issue you have with your car means that it's dangerous to drive or that you're causing severe damage by continuing to drive it, but there are times when you should avoid trying to drive your car and should call a tow truck instead, even if you're driving a short distance. What may seem like a minor issue or one you can control on the road can turn into a major repair bill if you keep driving, and it's never good to risk your safety or the safety of other drivers with a car that's not safe. Note when it's good to call a tow truck versus trying to continue to drive.

The shifter is sticky

If you're trying to shift your car out of park and the shifter is sticky, and especially if you feel you need to force the car in or out of gears, you don't want to keep driving. This often means that your car is low on transmission fluid or there is a chain that is breaking in the transmission system. The transmission could then give out while you're on the road and your car slips into neutral, and you wouldn't be able to get it into gear. Rather than risk this, have the car towed to a transmission shop.

The car slides during a turn

If your car slides during a turn, this can be the differential, which is a set of gears that allow tires to spin at different speeds while still moving at the same time. When the differential breaks down, a tire may tend to drag or slide. It could also be that your car's wheels are severely misaligned so that they cannot control the car when you turn the steering wheel. These problems are not going to get better the more you drive, and as they get worse, you may find that you can't control your car at all when you need to turn.

You pump the brakes

If your brakes don't seem to "catch" when you apply the pedal, you may pump the pedal a few times and the brakes then work. Don't assume you can or should keep driving this way; typically this means your car is low on brake fluid and the pumping action creates the pressure that the fluid should create on its own. If your car has a brake fluid leak, this usually just gets worse so that the brakes simply go out while you're on the road.


12 August 2016

Towing Safely and Efficiently: Towing Tips for Beginners

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