The Variety Of Towing Services You Can Choose From


In the event that you need a towing service, you must make a choice regarding the type that you need to select. By ordering the correct one, you can ensure that when the towing service arrives on site they will have the ability to tow your vehicle without any problems. Are you looking for a towing service that can reliably meet your requirements? Then first take the time to learn the different types of towing services that you can make a selection from.

  • Long distance towing: if you need a vehicle towed long distance then you must specify this requirement before ordering a towing truck. A long distance tow will typically be defined as having a minimum distance of around 150 miles. The reason it is important to specify that you need a long distance towing truck is because some services might not do long distance. Furthermore, a driver will need to be prepared for a long distance towing job.
  • High weight towing: some towing service specialise in towing very bulky and heavy vehicles. Therefore, if you have a bus or truck that needs to be towed, then you must choose a heavy duty towing service. Trucks designed for heavy duty towing will have attachments that are capable of pulling a lot more weight. Also the stability of the towing is increased so that the large vehicle on the back is fully secured.
  • Flatbed towing: those of you who are concerned about the security of your car during the towing process should opt for a flatbed towing service. A flatbed truck, as the name suggests, will have a flat section on the back where your car will be housed. By completely removing your car off the road, the chances of it getting damaged during the towing process will be reduced. It also means that the speed of the towing will be faster since towing trucks can move faster when they have the cargo fully loaded, rather than when it's being dragged by the back two wheels.
  • Emergency towing: an emergency towing service specialises in not only towing your car but also getting it out of tight spots. For example, if you have driven into a ditch and cannot get out, then a towing service can drag you out with a rope. Alternately, some towing trucks will have a crane unit that can help you get back on the road from positions in which you find yourself stuck.

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14 April 2015

Towing Safely and Efficiently: Towing Tips for Beginners

Hi, my name is Steve, and when I bought my first ute a few years ago, I was always keen to help my friends who needed to be towed somewhere. However, in my excitement, I sadly damaged a few cars. Luckily, I have decided to share my experiences so others never have to damage their friends' vehicles. If you want to learn about how to tow things using your ute or SUV, this blog has the tips you need. It also has advice on when to call professional tow trucks and how to choose the best towing company. I hope you like these posts.