Should You Sign Up for Roadside Assistance?


If you have recently purchased your first car, you may be wondering if you should join a roadside assistance plan. Owning a vehicle can be expensive. After you have paid your insurance, paid the road tax and put gas in the tank, you may think that joining roadside assistance plans is just another cost which you cannot afford. However, it can be vital. Below is a guide to everything you need to know about roadside assistance.

10 March 2017

Should You Call a Tow Truck or Keep Trying to Drive?


Not every issue you have with your car means that it's dangerous to drive or that you're causing severe damage by continuing to drive it, but there are times when you should avoid trying to drive your car and should call a tow truck instead, even if you're driving a short distance. What may seem like a minor issue or one you can control on the road can turn into a major repair bill if you keep driving, and it's never good to risk your safety or the safety of other drivers with a car that's not safe.

12 August 2016

Is Your Car Safe to Drive Even to a Repair Shop?


Some minor issues with your car, while they shouldn't be overlooked or ignored indefinitely, don't make your car necessarily unsafe. You may be able to schedule certain repairs when it's convenient for you or drive your car to a repair shop without much worry, but this isn't always the case. Some repairs make your car downright unsafe to drive, even to a repair shop. Note when this is and why you should consider calling a towing service instead.

26 July 2016

Towing Service | 3 Tow Factors You Must Know After a Car Accident


If you have been in a serious accident with your car and escaped unharmed, consider yourself lucky. Perhaps your car isn't as lucky and is completely damaged after colliding with the other vehicle. Here are some factors you should know when a towing service arrives to pick up your car after the accident. Your Car Must Be Towed If It Obstructs The Flow Of Normal Traffic If your car is located in a spot where it may cause traffic congestion or obstruct normal traffic movement, the police may have a policy for towing the car away.

23 November 2015

What to Ask a Shipping Container Transport Service Company


Transporting a shipping container is not like providing transport for any other type of freight, as a shipping container may need to be towed behind a truck or put on a flatbed for transport. This means involving specialized trucks rather than just panel trucks used for transporting items on a pallet. When searching for a company that can ship your container, you want to ensure that you choose the right company so that your container arrives on time and intact.

15 June 2015

Rural Australia: Things You Need to Think About When Buying a Roadside Assistance Plan


When you live in, and make a living from the countryside, your ability to get around is nothing short of vital. It might be moving stock or products around, or it might simply be getting from one side of your property to another. Without reliable transportation, your very livelihood can be under threat. This is why a roadside service package should be an essential part of rural life. If you need to get a new roadside service package and live in a rural area, there are a few things you need to think about.

5 June 2015

What Are the Advantages of Hiring a Tilt Tray Truck?


Towing companies offer their clients a variety of options including tilt tray trucks. These trucks have movable flatbeds that can be extended to touch the ground so that a damaged vehicle can be loaded onto the flatbed. This article discusses some of the advantages of using a tilt tray truck to recover your vehicle after an accident. They Provide Passenger Transport The occupants of a damaged car are normally compelled to wait for another vehicle to take them to safety once a tow truck arrives to take their car from an accident scene or the place where the car malfunctioned.

15 May 2015