What to Ask a Shipping Container Transport Service Company


Transporting a shipping container is not like providing transport for any other type of freight, as a shipping container may need to be towed behind a truck or put on a flatbed for transport. This means involving specialized trucks rather than just panel trucks used for transporting items on a pallet.

When searching for a company that can ship your container, you want to ensure that you choose the right company so that your container arrives on time and intact. Note a few important questions to ask any potential transport company:

1. Can they provide rail service?

To get your container where it needs to go, you may want to have it delivered by rail, at least for some of the distance. Traveling by rail can mean fewer stops and a faster delivery time. However, rail handling of a shipping container is also different than standard transport of other goods, as a shipping container may need its own railcar.

There is also the lifting and loading of the shipping container that is done at the rail station, along with having it tied down securely. Ask a potential transport company if they provide rail service so you know that your container will arrive on time, and so that they can ensure it's moved safely between the transport truck and the railcar.

2. Do they offer discounts for smaller containers?

If you're dealing with a company that only has one set price for a shipping container regardless of its size, this can be a red flag. While many seafaring containers are a standard size, there are other containers that are much smaller and which would leave room on a truck for multiple shipments. If you have a shipping container that is meant for smaller cargo, be sure you're being offered a discount price.

3. Do they have sufficient cargo insurance?

When shipping items in a shipping container, you want to ensure that the cargo insurance offered by your shipper will cover both the items being shipped and the container itself, in case either is damaged or stolen during transport. If the shipper has cargo insurance that would only cover the cost of the items being shipped, you may need to negotiate with them on having this coverage raised.

Shipping containers may not be the most valuable item being shipped with the transport company, but they can be expensive to replace if they get damaged during transport, so make sure you know their coverage limits. Contact a shipping container towing company to learn more.


15 June 2015

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