Towing Service | 3 Tow Factors You Must Know After a Car Accident


If you have been in a serious accident with your car and escaped unharmed, consider yourself lucky. Perhaps your car isn't as lucky and is completely damaged after colliding with the other vehicle. Here are some factors you should know when a towing service arrives to pick up your car after the accident.

Your Car Must Be Towed If It Obstructs The Flow Of Normal Traffic

If your car is located in a spot where it may cause traffic congestion or obstruct normal traffic movement, the police may have a policy for towing the car away. You may need to sign an Authority To Tow document, which is a form given to the towing service. This form affirms the mutually agreed details between you and the tow truck driver. You car should never be left in a position where it can endanger other motorists. Keep in mind that you are liable to pay the towing cost if you can't drive your car away from the accident scene. 

Opt For A Towing Destination Of Your Choice

You can have your car towed to a destination of your choice, as long as it is within a 125km radius of the accident. The tow truck driver is obliged to drive your car there, but you must agree to pay the fee at the time of towing. If you cannot make a payment, the tow truck driver reserves the right to refuse towing to your selected destination. You can make payments using your cards or cash to the towing service. Ideally, you'll want your car towed to your home because you'll have the advantage of checking your insurance information. It also helps you avoid the cost of storage, which will be charged to you if the car is stored in the towing service premises. If you have a specific car repairer, you can get the towing service to take your car directly to the auto shop.  

A Towing Service Is Obliged To Provide Secure Storage

If you decide to store your car in the towing service premises because your home is too far from the accident scene, they are obliged to store it securely. You should contact your insurer and repairers as soon as possible to prevent these storage costs from accumulating. In some cases, your insurer may take care of the storage cost. Make sure that your towing service is aware that your car cannot be repaired without proper authorisation –– either from the insurance company or from you.  A tow truck driver cannot solicit repair work at the accident scene.

Make sure you are aware of these factors, so you're better prepared when the towing service arrives at the accident site. 


23 November 2015

Towing Safely and Efficiently: Towing Tips for Beginners

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